USB TV Tuner issue with OC

Its been some years now i had to give up permanent OC when i am using the USB TV Tuner (LifeView "NotOnlyTV" LV5HD Hybrid). and i am using the Tuner everyday ...

When the PC is OCed even slightly, this tuner exhibits various symptoms, all leading to not function at all or not work properly. I think i narrowed it down maybe that for some reason it doesn't like the Bus Speed *BClock) changed above the stock 133 Mhz ...

i searched this back when i bought this but with no success and i am thinking of giving it one last try before i ditch it ....

What / why could possible annoy a USB tv tuner from the OCing ? Why / how the change in Bus Speed affects it ? ....

I have tried watching all sort of movies (full HD 1080 for example) from a USB stick or USB hard drive, even 2.5" USB drive (no external power) with no issues when OCing.
I have tried all USB ports. Same behavior.
I also tested watching TV with different software. Same behavior.

Any ideas?

The chip is being identified by windows as "Cali TV Card", "ATI Unified AVStream Driver"

Someone suggested "Try giving more voltage to the chipset. Normally SB controls USB but since there is no SB on P55 boards, I guess give the P55 chip a bump up or two in voltage"

I wonder which one of those voltage settings in the BIOS screenshot would that be :
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  1. Ok i tested the Voltage , its the PCH , no difference though.

    The chip is being identified by windows as "Cali TV Card", "ATI Unified AVStream Driver" - Hardware id : "USB\VID_0438&PID_AC14" - driver provided by "Combro Technologies Inc." This Hardare id seems to belong to "ATi TV Wonder 600"
  2. found more info, It appears to be an "ATi T550 Pro" ("Theatrix").
    Also tried the Legacy USB on/off from BIOS , no difference
  3. Quote:
    It looks like Iran uses PAL B/G so a North American tuner would not work. You need to look at PAL compatible models.

    LOL what Iran has to do here ? LOL :o

    Color system is ok. Tuner supports both NTSC & PAL, and works ok except when i OC (raise Bus speed (bclock))
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