Realtek HD Audio Manager - No enhancements 'tab'!

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I have got trouble with the Realtek HD Audio manager, I used to be able to change the 'environment' of my headphones, but this tab is no longer available to the program! I want to change the environment setting - where you can change it to 'sewer pipe' and 'hangar', all those strange options. I have my headphones plugged in via USB, with the Headphone (Green) and Mic in (Pink) cables plugged in the correct socket. I never had any drivers to download as these headphones+microphone is designed for Xbox's but has always worked fine with my PC. Instead, there is only a microphone tab, and I can't change many options on that. Any ideas on how I can fiddle with the drivers/set up to change it back, to be able to change the 'environment'?

Many thanks, apologies for bad english, post was written quickly.
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  1. Try pressing on the sound icon in the system tray, go to Playback Devices. Click on Realtek HD Audio and tick the corresponding enhancements and press apply.

    Go back to the Audio Manager and see if it has changed.
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