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Im looking to buy a new processor. Im hung up if i should get the 64 bit processor or the 32 bit. Will i see any difference between the 2 without using a 64 bit OS and 64 bit pplications?
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  1. Yes, but only because the A64s are the best performing, and coolest running chips. It is nice that you will get a future bump when you switch to a 64 bit os, but right now, it doesn't matter. The A64s are just a better deal.
  2. "64-bit" PC processors are actually 32-bit cores with 64-bit extensions. As such nearly all the performance numbers you see are for 32-bit applications. AMD's Athlon 64's offer more performance in most 32-bit applications than P4's.

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  3. Take 64-bit support as a bonus for the moment. When WinXP-64 ships, you can opt to go 64-bit. In 32-bit OS, AMD64 performance is already tops in most applications.
  4. The others mentionned it! 64bit support is a bonus that will give you a free upgrade to 64bit when you will be ready!

    The real question is WHAT will you do with your PC? This will help you choose the right CPU you need! The apps. you will run on the PC will guide you in your buying decision and 32bit or 64bit will only be a "+" if you hesitate between 2 CPU or platform.

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  5. How soon will you upgrade after this one?
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