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I am facing an odd problem on my Windows 7 x64 desktop, my internet connection works fine for like 5-6 hours per day then all of a sudden i will lose the connection with no error messages at all. Firefox says server cant be reached, various programs says Hostname not found. Whats strange, is that other pcs in the network work fine and once i restart the desktop everything is back to normal. Could it be a possible that the onboard nic card is bad?
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  1. A few questions.. Try to diagnose it with windows 7 troubleshooting in the networking panel. Display the message here. Make sure all drivers are up to date, go the the manufactures website to ensure this. Has this problem been ongoing or did you do an update or something like that.
  2. The next time this error occurs, do a start--->run--->eventvwr. This may give you a little insight into the problem. The time stamps help alot. It may have to do with having reached the limit of connections allowed by windows.
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