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I am using OS 7. One Day suddenly a Pop Up message displayed and shown as E: Drive Corrupted. After Restarting my System The Drive is Not Opening, And it is mention in the drive NTFS. after opening the drive a message is display. E: is not accessable . Acess is denied. If someone can help me out to reopen my E drive with out formatting. I would be thankful to him. Waiting for a Post reply....

Vicky... :)
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  1. Thanks!!! but this one is not helpful.... I have tried it... while going thru MS dos, I am unable to enter in E drive. A reply is coming Access is denied... Cant understand what to do....
  2. Probably malware that locked the drive down.
    - You may need to get a PC tech to recover the data on the drive using a Linux boot CD to external USB HDD, and then copy it back after removing the virus/malware.

    Could try VIPRE, it's pretty good at fixing the damage (beats Norton 360 hands down), but once damage is done it's best to not try to repair it --- in case the repair attempt makes it worse.

    A PC Tech can make a forensic clone of the drive, so even if the repair fails your data is safe.
  3. download and install then update"Superantispyware" freeware. then do full scan.
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