Dangerous heat?

So, I recently bought this HP Envy 17,
Intel Core i7 720QM 1.6ghz
6gb RAM
ATI Mobility Raedon HD 5850

It's a pretty good laptop and I really like it, lives up to all my needs.
Just one thing that I am wondering about, the heat.
When idle the CPU runs at 40-45 and the GPU runs at about 50
Under load CPU peak at start 60 and GPU at about 75 (sometimes, though rarely hits 80)

My question is just, is this normal heat levels? It feels hot on top of my laptop obviously, but I'm just wondering whether it's normal and/or whether it's too high and might cause any serious damage?
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    For a laptop, those temps seem normal to me. I run about the same or a little more with my Asus G73JH-A2 laptop. Here's a link to another forum where there are tons of Envy 17 owners:, if you haven't been there already.
  2. Nope, those are fine. Laptops don't have the cooling abilities that desktops have. Plus, you are cramming these components into small spaces, so your temps are going to be higher from the start.

    If you are worried about it, get a laptop cooler with a couple of fans on it.
  3. Just make sure that none of the Air intake vents on the bottom or sides of the machine are blocked.

    Use it on hard flat surfaces like a table or desk, I've lost count of how many customers I get who have cooked their machine due to using it on top of a pillow,bed, or just on their knee and the fan sucking up all the dust like a vacuum and clogging it in the process.

    If your still worried about temps make sure you don't go buying one of these laptop cooling pads, yet to see one that makes any significant difference. Usually the fans on them are not lined up with the intake grills on the machine they are being used with and in the worst case can interrupt airflow making things even hotter.
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