These Winchesters are impressive!

Just got my Winchester 3200+, with a GA-K8NSNXP-939, 4x512mb of Micron ram, and waiting on my BFG 6800GT OC.

Experimenting with the Winchester, as soon as computer booted, Dram ratio to CPU/12(166), cranked FSB to 250, HT multiplier down to 4x, Vdimm raised to 2.7, Commandrate 2T, No Vcore change. Save/exit, BOOTED!! and Superpi stable! 35 seconds for 1mb calculation. The new Winchesters does seem a bit warmer compare to the older Newcastle/Clawhammer chips.

I pushed Vcore a little higher, 1.5V, got to 2600mhz stable, 1.55 didn't help, 1.6 didn't do much either, finally 1.65 got me to 2700mhz. Somewhat stable, superpi stable, but not prime95 stable. Oh BTW 32 seconds for 1mb pi.

It seems these Winchester chips all do 2.5Ghz without any problem, you may need 1.5Vcore, anything higher doesn't do much.

The new chips seems to run a little warmer, if your load temps goes into the 50's you shouldn't be worried.

When i'm doing non-demanding apps, i only need about 1000mhz, so using clockgen, i downclocked the multiplier to 4x, using 250FSB, gives exact 1000mhz, i wanted to see how low i could push the voltage, and lowest i got that prime stable at 1000mhz is 0.825Vcore. At this Vcore it lowered my idle temp down to 26C and load to 32C. For people who has patience to use clockgen's ghost format to switch speed around to save power and reduce heat this info might be a little helpful. When you downclock to 1000mhz, try 0.900 first, then go lower bit by bit.
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  1. I wonder how far I could much that with my water Cooling? :lol:

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  2. nice setup your going to be running.

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  3. I see it didn't take you to long before you started playing with your new Cpu and ram. :smile: You going to OC your 6800GTOC? :smile: Whats the Price in CDN for that vid card? Best Buy had them for $399 US.
  4. damn so like everyones getting these overclocks??

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  5. Quote:
    damn so like everyones getting these overclocks??

    Yup! And this looks like it will only gets better... I wait for the next AMD64 90nm revision that will enable SSE3 support to upgrade my system. I will definitly get a S939 3000+ or 3200+ and overclock it like mad!

    And I do really like the idea to downclock the CPU when the PC is idle... I assume that my system will be nearly silent in this mode, since I have a Seagate 7200.7+ that is barely audible when it spins.

    Because frankly, in today's PC, the noise is very annoying!!!

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  6. I agree, my last upgrade centered around noise. got a Antec Sonata with a 120mm Stealth case fan running at like half max RPM's, Zalman 92mm CPU fan thats pretty quiet, and a VGA Silencer for my vid card

    when i got the fans on low, its one of the quietest PC's ive used

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  7. I still haven't even tried to OC mine yet. I just got it built the night before HL2 came out, and have been basically playing that since day one with the little time I have on that rig. Just this morning I did try MSI's core utility, and without touching voltages, i got it up to 2150MHz just using the auto OC option.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do from within the bios on this stock retail AMD heatsink.

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  8. Just got my BFG 6800GT, having trouble installing my DD Maze4 waterblock, so using stockcooling right now. Playing HL2 on highest quality everything 1280x960, with 4xAA and 16X AF. never under 45FPS. I just slightly overclocked the core to 400mhz.
  9. I got it for 500CAD, it's not that bad of a deal, but it's not as cheap as US, since the conversion rate is like what 1US to 1.17CAD.
  10. Everyone is getting these results!!, i'm just running at 2.5Ghz right now, stock Vcore.
  11. Well Rod, i'm going to probably stick with this sytem for a year or so, unless i manage to sell it again. This is going to be my system 'til i graduate from high school.
  12. Aquamarks score is dissapointing... just under 68700.
  13. I don't know Ned, my watercooling is probably better than yours:D It has a 226watt peltier in the reservoir.
  14. lol.

    What are your temps?

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  15. wait nm, it's in your first post.

    My idle / load temps are the same (38C @ 1.775Vcore)

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  16. how fast would a prescott have to clock to compare to a 2.5ghz Winchester?

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  17. Wow 1.17CAD That was the rate I was There in 1988. 1999 like 1.50.
  18. Are you kidding. You will find someone in school to buy your OCed rig. For a lot more than you paided for it. :smile:
  19. Without lighting up your xmas tree first.
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