what will happen when dual cores come out

dual cores seems a great idea on paper, but on the other hand i was just thinking what will happen with all these components weight requirement we probably need a motherboard made from some other material. imagine 2x theramlrigh120 coolers or zalman 7700cu. 2x high end graphics card, and all the other peripherals. i mean we are scared of puttting one big cooler on motherboards now, imagine what chaos will be when dual cores comes out. and i can t even imagine the power requirements we probably will be searching for 1000w power supply.
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  1. Dual cores chips are not likely to be the highest speed grade chips from AMD and Intel. AMD's dual core chip will probably start around 2.2-2.4 ghz while intel's will start @ 3.0-3.2 and @ these speeds they will only put out as much heat as top end single core chips and will be easily cooled.
    Why would they need to make mobo's from different material?
    Chips will not require 2x as much power so normal PSU's will proably be sufficient. I doubt we'll see the need for more than 350 watt PSU's in the next few years for average computers and there is no real need for more than 600 watts even on a dual cpu SLI setup.
  2. can u imagine the strain of 5 pounds of pure copper cpu coolers, and again 4 pounds of high end vga cooling do on the vertical postion motherboard? i'm scared now...
    but u are right, they will have lower power consumption and be not that speedy as the ones now, so we may not need extreme cpu cooling, but still it will add to the weight...
  3. I think you missed something! Dual-core does not mean 2 CPU. Dual-core means 1 CPU with 2 core on it. It will net be 2x everything.

    The first dual-core CPU will be clocked at low speed compared to single-core CPU (actual CPU). For exemple, the first Dual-Core AMD might run at 2.0GHz while the highet rated single-core will be 2.8GHz or 3.0GHz.

    With lower speed, the power needed to run those chips should be around the same as actual CPU, a bit higher, but not much!

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  4. Also, Intel has been running dual and quad Xeons for many years now, and the heat sinks for them dont damage the boards or have trouble staying on.
    I look forward to dual core chips, and wonder if you will be able to run dual - dual core chips!
    That would be awesome!

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  5. i'm currently running 2 12 core processors trololol
  6. Can't wait! then I can get rid of my quad....
  7. Normally we frown on resurrecting old posts. However, in this case I think it's very instructive.
  8. The world of single cores.....
  9. l1nks said:
    i'm currently running 2 12 core processors trololol

    So what's the point of resurrecting a thread from 2004?

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