Center Channel distortion when watching recorded TV

I've recently got my computer hooked up to the amplifier for 5.1. Yes I've checked the wires, in different ways. This issue seems to only occur when playing multichannel audio recorded with 7MC. Depending on the tv-program it'll have different levels of a 'over modulated' sound. In the RealTek audio Manager I do have the db bumped up a little bit, but I don't think that would cause this problem. I have a hauppauge tv tuner 2650 with a cablecard with Xfinity/Comcast service. I have used the 'Set-up your speakers' in 7MC, but this has not solved the issue. I tried to use VLC media player to play the .wtv (playable) files, to see if this would sound different, but it was not. I've heard that VLC uses it's own codecs.

Edit: Oddly... Lastnight I was playing 'Galaxy Quest' which was also recorded from HBO through the same methods. However I could not detect the distortion, yet it sounded wonderful - the sound definitely hit all my channels, even my sub when something went 'boom'. When playing 'Field of Dreams' recorded from HBO the distortions is most profound. - Is it perhaps the broadcasts themselves? However I've heard different levels of distortions during TV commercials while watching other channels.
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    Bumping up the db can definitely cause some distortion. It happens to me depending on the source of the TV show or movie for me also.

    You could try using a different speaker or switch wire putting the center plug in the right main and the right main plug into center just to see if it is the speaker.

    I don't think VLC uses a special codec but it comes with many different ones that VLC uses depending on the source.
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  3. I've now turned off 'Room Correction' and handling it via the 'levels dialog'... It seems that was causing the distortion.

    I've turned back on the 'room correction' and discovered that it is also caused by the main 'HD audio' volume up too loud.
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