Athlon XP 3200+? Is this chip the end of the line?

I am looking to upgrade to the fastest CPU availible for my nforce2 motherboard (A7N8X Deluxe). The fastest out now I believe is the AthlonXP 3200+(2.2ghz). Are there any new AthlonXP CPUs coming out or is the 3200+ the end of the line?
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  1. Is there ever such a thing as "end of the line"??

    Am I in the right forum?? Are we still talking about computer upgrades?? I don't think that ever ends.
  2. yes the XP 3200 is the end of the line for that series of processors. I don't know if you noticed but the price for one of those processors is the about the same as the A64 s939 3000. You would be better off just upgrading to an Nforce4 mobo and that new processor.

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  3. I haven't really looked at the A64 and the nforce 4. What are they going for?
  4. XP3200+ is the top socket A chip, but you can save money and go even faster with a mobile XP 2500+, 2600+, 2400+. I have two 2500's. One does 2.6GHz and one does 2.4GHz with air cooling. A stock XP3200+ is 2.2GHz.

    What cpu do you have now? Have you tried overclocking?

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  5. yea i have a 2500 xp with a lil oc to 2.1 and i have my xp-m 2400 at 2.4 and its sweet cool and all, my buddy has a 2600 xp-m and clocks his at 2.6 also runs smooth. these m chips are great
  6. i suggest going a64. Its a nice chip, i am very pleased with the ones i have built. The best one so far is the 3000+ s939 a64. Mine oc to 2.2 no problem, but my ram is holding it back.

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  7. my hsf is definatly holding me back
  8. Yeah go A64, even the cheapest ones overclock as well as the mobile AXP's. My 1.8Ghz 2800+ will do 2.4Ghz with a 0.025 voltage increase with the stock heatsink, its great!
  9. damn all of you!

    why did i buy my XP-M?? I knew I should have waited!!

    Imagine a 2.6ghz A64. OMFG that would be fasssssssstttttt

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    Brand name whores are stupid!
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