What is wrong with my G73

I bought a asus g73 about 3 months ago and everything was fine (a few missing rubber feet after 2 days of use). But than all of a sudden my computer starts randomly shutting down. I opened the burning hot back panel to see small bits of smoke coming out which lasted about 5 minutes untill i could turn it back on. Using speedfan I measured idle temps at 62-64 an load (1 second under cinebench before it crashed) at 74-77, now im no expert on laptops, but arent these things supposed to run cooler than desktops? And isnt 77 VERY bad for a desktop? Anyway the chip is a core i7 720qm and i just got an RMA number for it and was wondering if I really needed to send it in (first RMA) or is it some setting that i messed up? Anyone else experiencing similar problems?
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  1. Now I cant back it up without sitting at my computer lol if I leave for 5 min it overheats sme how :(
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    No, laptops generally run warmer than desktops. You are cramming powerful components into tight spaces. However, those temps are very high for idle and the smoke is most definitely a bad thing. Don't waste any more time. Get it replaced before you are left with a 9 lbs paper weight.

    Almost sounds like they didn't apply the thermal paste or thermal pads correctly if at all. Doesn't matter though, go through with the RMA.
  3. thanks as soon as im done the backup it is going in, looking at speedfan charts im hitting about 80-85
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  5. I have an ASUS G73SW-BST6

    I live in Brasil... so I have a MUCH BIGGER problem.... the warranty is valid only there in USA...

    I opened my laptop, REPASTED, with Arctic Silver 5, did ALL things correctly, JUST TO FIND OUT THAT ----->>> THE GPU FAN WAS BLOCKED!!!!!!

    acctually, I have the notebook for 3 months... and it was working FINE before... I used to play for hours, and a couple of times I checked the temperature, and it was FINE... like, 10 HOURS PLAYING it wouldn't go over 67, 70º C.....

    NOW, all of a sudden, IT's GETTING 90 with 10 minutes playing... THE FAN SIMPLY STOPPED WORKING!!! WHY???? its NOT DUST, IM SURE! VERY SURE!...

    NOW, here in BRASIL there ISN'T, simply, ISN'T anything that FITS this motherboard... NO COOLER FAN is compatible...

    I think i'm gonna have to BUY a fan FROM USA... wait for like MONTHS...

    very, VERY disappointing..
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