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hi all, i wanted to ask about the performance of the alienware m11x. i am a heavy gamer and i play heavy games, also i wish to have a notebook that will be able to support next gen games. i looked at the alienware m11x and it seems to be perfect; portable, battery life, can connect to bigger screen, ect... but i was wondering if anyone could help; does it have enough performance to play any games? or is it best to get a bigger notebook.
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  1. personally, i love the thing. dont own one, but have used it.

    excellent value, great performance. the only decent system that alienware offer too.

    check out this review:

    an excerpt:

    The M11x met, and in most cases surpassed, our expectations with just about every game we tested. We were most surprised by the M11x's ability to run Mass Effect 2 with every visual effect turned on and resolution set to maximum (1366 x 768). Not only did Mass Effect 2 run at maxed out specs, but it consistently ran above the industry standard of 30 frames-per-second. The average framerate for Mass Effect 2 at max specs on our M11x was around 45 frames-per-second, although at times it reached up to 50 or 60 frames per second.
  2. ty for the link :) last thing is iwanted to know about the processer. is it better to get the r2 with core i7 or the su core 2 duo?
  3. I would personally go for the duo. unfortunately there aren't any concrete benches comparing the two, but since the duo can clock as high as 1.7 i think it would be better for most games.

    the i7 is clocked at 1.2 i believe, so in games not using 4 cores it would probably perform worse.
  4. I would say go with the R2 since while the i7 and i5 may have slower base clocks, their turbo boost feature allows them to clock up higher for games and will all in all be more powerful than the C2D
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