CPU buying: how good is this deal?


i am thinking about getting that. The processor alone on newegg is $211. once i get that im going to seel the mobo for $40 to my neighbor and get a good intel or asus mobo.
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  1. all i can say is forget about intel's MB and focus on asus
  2. The motherboard is garbage, I'd never use it in my own system, and I hold higher standards for recommendations. But if you think this is such a great deal, you could get it, allong with a decent board, and sell this garbage board on eBay to some unsuspecting sucker (anyone who uses VIA deserves their pain).

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  3. Crashman is an avid fan of VIA hardware if you can't tell
  4. via killed his puppy.

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  5. awwe that's terrible. DEATH TO VIA!!!

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  6. an actual answer to your question... that is an awesome deal, especially if you can ebay the mobo to some sucker. seriously though, don't even open the mobo package, even just looking at it isn't worth the depreciation value of an opened package.

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