Hey guys i need help!!!

i have a toshiba satellite a660-10x and i have a couple of upgrade questions:
1:can i upgrade my cpu from i7 720qm to 720xm?
2.can i change my graphics card from nvidia geforce gts 330m to something else?
if anybody knows please answer!!!
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  1. I'm certain the graphics is integrated and is not upgradeable. You can use turbocache to use some of your system ram for video ram:

    Graphics adapter
    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 330M with CUDA™ technology
    memory amount : 1,024 MB dedicated VRAM (total available graphics memory using TurboCache™ technology can be up to 2,782 MB with a 32-bit operating system and 4 GB system memory)

    There's probably a fine balance you need to find to allocate some of your system ram without cutting too much. I would probably allocate 1 g of system ram to video and keep 3 gigs for system ram, assuming you have the standard 4gigs of system ram to start with. If you have the max 8gig system ram then allocate the max system ram for video.
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