Acer Aspire One Dead???

i have an Acer Aspire One with the 8Gb SSD...bought it on 2008...after less than 3 months it boots up to bios only...but ssd is not recognized...still in warranty so i brought it to acer store and it took a month for them to fix it...didnt even bother to tell me what was the warranty expired last oct 2009...a month ago when i powered up my turned on for about 4 minutes...then it just shut down...battery and adopter was response from the power button whatsoever...even tested it with a battery a adaptor with my other aspire one HDD version...i wanna bring it back to acer but i have to pay a fee just for them to look at it...i dont trust them anymore since they didnt bother to tell me what was wrong with it the 1st time i brought it in...i've worked with desktops but not with laptops...i saw a lot of videos on upgrading this looks pretty easy so i think i could get my hands on it...havent found any answers about this kind of problem...i'm hoping you could help is this dead??? or maybe i just need to replace a power board maybe?or the mobo itself?i think this 2 are seperated. pls help.i appreciate any response...

laptop was originally installed with linpus lite...last february 2010 installed windows 7 with latest acer other AA1 hdd version also has windows 7 but no problems couldnt be software, right?
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  1. I had a lenovo 3000n that did a similar thing and believe it or not there was a newer BIOS update that fixed the problem. The risk was it couldve shut down any moment during the BIOS flash which was nerve racking but it made it through it and works perfectly fine now.

    I'm not saying thats definitely your problem but its something not to overlook first before spending money replacing parts. If theres an option to create a BIOS flash to boot from a CD instead of trying to go through windows, I would recommend that route.

    Check your BIOS version and check the mfgrs website to see if theres a newer release and go from there...
  2. A BIOS update isn't going to help on a system that doesn't POST...

    Anyway, you should breadboard the machine and see if it'll run with a minimum hardware config. Just the motherboard, CPU, and a stick of memory connected to an external monitor.

    Does the notebook light up when it's plugged in at all, even if off? If not, your power supply may be dead. Check it with a multimeter.
  3. frozenlead said:
    A BIOS update isn't going to help on a system that doesn't POST...

    It does post, it posted for 4 minutes. The exact same issue my Lenovo 3000 had. A BIOS flash corrected mine. As I said before, I'm not convinced thats his problem entirely but its a small step to consider checking before you go disassembling as you are suggesting as a first move.

    Your suggestion is the second option after your check the BIOS rev. My Lenovo NEVER shut down again after the BIOS update. As strange as that sounds, it worked...
  4. My lappy doesnt light up or respond to anything.I tried its battery and power adaptor to another model and its working ok. I tried another battery and adaptor on my dead lappy, nothing. About that breadboarding, I think I'll go look for a friend to work on that. Not really a techie-head. Can replace parts here and there, that's about it. Thanks for the reply.
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