I want to learn computer hardware

i want to learn computer software and hard ware i am in chennai
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  1. Get some old PCs & some old parts - build - take apart - read books and technical papers from the hardware/software manufacturers.
  2. just watch videos on youtube read articels
    watch guys like linustechtips ncixtechtips techoftomorrow and u will start learning things
    just watch all the tutorials on there channels and try to find other guys on youtube its easier to watch video than reading stuff
  3. why did u right chennai i am sure most of the people dont know about chennai u should have written india
  4. Go to a university. They will teach you for a fee.
  5. First ask yourself if I you really want to spend countless hours trying to figure out what's wrong with a piece of hardware of software! then If the answer is yes, get your hands on some computer components and start a small project.

    What kind of project you might ask? Anything thats within your reach!
  6. Just corrupt the one you'e got and then fix it.
  7. bjaminnyc said:
    Just corrupt the one you'e got and then fix it.

    sounds like the start of an expensive hobby!
  8. Hooby... or addiction, not sure.
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