2 ssd +2 operating systems

I have 2 ssd's both are installed they both have windows 7 on them im trying to remove one of op' sbut i cant remove one ofthem it wont let me format can someone help
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  1. Remove all drives except 1 SSD. Install Windows 7 custom, wipe all partitions before installing.
    Remove that SSD and install 2nd SSD.
    Install other operating system there. Use BIOS to choose OS.
    (alternately if using Linux put 2nd ssd in and install Linux there, it will install boot menu to choose OS)
    Put drives back in and be happy.
  2. I dont wantto install another op i just want to wipe out one of the drives it wont let me format it
  3. because the 100MB partition that win7 creates that is the true boot partition is on the one you are trying to format I suspect.

    Its very difficult to undo this. I'd consider a backup and restore, but its still really realy fiddly.
  4. Oh, you have W7 installed twice, once on each SSD! The monkey's probably right, that pesky 100mb partition. Looks like you should remove all drives except 1 SSD, re-install W7, put the 2nd SSD in and then format it. Sorry...
  5. make a hirem boot cd and use the disk tools to fdisk the partion and mbr of the drive you want the data off. make sure you unplug the other ssd that you dont want to tuch.
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