best Gaming Mouse under $40?

Hi, Looking for a gaming mouse for under $40, I need a new one, and would rather buy a gaming mouse. I was going to buy the Razer DeathAdder originally but the sale ended, so back up in price. I do 3D modelling, which is what i will use it mostly for, and some gaming on the side, perfer something with a somewhat high dpi, and some extra buttons. Please let me know if there are any deals, on right now, for a great gaming mouse under $40 in Canada, i dont mind buying online.

All help is appreciated, and looking for your suggestions.

Also this would be an upgrade to my Microsoft Optical 1.1a mouse.

EDIT: I came across these 2 mice, what do you guys think please let me know

Cooler Master Sentinal zero $40:

Gigabyte GM-680 $15:

Would i notice a difference in the $40 mouse compared to the $15 mouse? Would the dpi and more buttons be realy usefull?

Please post any other mice in my pricerange.
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  1. look at some of the offerings from logitech.

    personally i'd stay away from mice made by companies that are not in the mice and kb business. logitech has been a favorite for years. coolermaster is a case manuf, gigabyte is a mb manuf. not saying they have bad products, just saying its hard to tell.

    you dont need a dpi above 1200 for games really. some people swear by it but its just not required.

    any more than 7 buttons on a mouse is cumbersome.

    i like my razer i liked my logitech that came before (both were $50 mice) and i'd say they are better than the really cheap options out there. however, even a cheap mouse will work perfectly fine for anything you want to do.
  2. ok I see, $50 is a bit over my budget. No one replied for a while so i ended up getting the coolermaster one, heard good reviews about it. Hopefully its good :d.
  3. I have tried a lot of them and I'm really content with the one I use now. It's a gaming mouse Corsair New Mm200 i am pretty much impressed from it i have been using it from last 3 months have a look at its pros & cons

    - The optical sensor Avago 3090 got no prediction and it has really low lift off distance (stops reading from the surface as soon as you lift it from the pad). It might cause problems if you don't have a flat surface but other than that it's great.
    - There is no installation drivers and program with the mouse. It's just a clean plug and play installation. Some people maybe think that this is a con and not at pro.
    - The rubber surface feels very good and my fingers sticks to the surface even when they are sweaty and if they are dry.
    - The low profile of the mouse fits very well with my claw-fingertip grip and i can grip if if/when I need to lift it and move it.
    + It's ambidexterious so you can use it with both left and right hand. It got thumb buttons on both sides.

    - The profile might be too small for people with really big hands.
    - Only one side of the thumb buttons can be used at a time (if it's set to left hand the left ones are active and vice versa.)
    - The build quality is not top notch. The first one I got I had to send back because it started squeeking from the plastic buttons after 2 weeks of usage. The second mouse I got works like a charm without issues though.
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