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Hello all, I have a very interesting problem. Actually my girlfriend does... and unfortunately, we're hundreds of miles apart for the next few months. She has tried 3 separate mice on her desktop, a quad-core, Win 7 64-bit machine, and has this issue no matter which mouse she uses. I recently sent her one of mine: a Logitech m-r0012 laser mouse to see if that helped...nothing. The issue is this: her mouse will work 'normally' for up to a minute, then becomes 'heavy' as if being drawn (magnetically) to the desk... The desk is particle-board, no metal. The best way she could describe it was as an old Kirby vacuum would drag across the carpet, until it was turned on... then it would glide. She also has a laptop, with Vista on it - 32-bit - she plugged the Logitech in, it works fine ... no 'heavy' sensation at all.... I'm stumped and could really use some expert knowledge, or if anyone's even heard of this before. I fix laptops for a living, and have never come across this issue before ~ in the 25 years I've been doing hardware mods on computers...

Thanks all!
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  1. Is your girlfriend from Haven? Maybe she unconsciously hates her desktop PC and is turning the mice to lead so she doesn't have to use it :D

    OK, really, I can think of no reasonable explanation for what she describes except that she is messing with you. . .
  2. i take it the "heavy" sensation is meant to mean that the mouse seems like its sticking to the desk. this is probably due to friction.

    did you stop to think that maybe its the desk she is using?

    tell her to buy a cheap $3 mousepad and the issue should go away.

    either that or she is screwing with you.
  3. yeah. ok guys.. I'm looking for a possibility other than the desk, and no, she's not screwing with me. have tried everything we can think of, including mousepads, no avail.
  4. you may want to reword your statement and/or give more details then.

    how you described it is as if the mouse was either sticking or draging on the surface of the table. this is due to either the mouse teflon feet being worn or covered with gunk causing an increase in friction.

    if instead you meant that the mouse itself (not cursor, the actual mouse) moves fine but the cursor on the screen seems to hang, freeze up, or suddenly move slower then that is a software issue and not a physical issue as you described. if this is what you meant then it could be that the mouse profile changed from default to another profile and the dpi changed. or perhaps something is causing the computer to bog down. multiple things can be checked if this is the case.
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