Can anyone tell me how to boot into dos from a netbook without a CD

Hi All,

I need to be able to boot into dos from a samsung netbook. It currently has windows XP installed on it.

The reason I need it to boot to dos is test is to test ram memory modules.

I have been using a hiren boot cd to on my desktop, unfortunetly this is netbook and does not have a cd drive.

It might be possible to boot hiren from a usb, but I dont have acces to one at the moment(on order)

I need to put the application somewhere on my hard drive, then run it from dos, but I need to get into dos instead of windows.

Please advise how to do this please

PS Im using memtest64 on the hiren boot CD to test the memory.
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  1. I don't think XP has a boot into dos feature. It has a dos shell you can run once your in windows. If that doesn't work, perhaps dosbox?
  2. Besides booting from usb flash drive, I think, there's only Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
  3. Thanks for replies guys.

    I went out and bought a USB save the headache

    Regards Scampy
  4. The other day I used qemu to install DOS 6.22 to an SD card, which boots beautifully on my eee1005HA, but for some reason, EMM386 hangs the system.

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