Dual monitor black color problem

I've got dual monitors running on my Alienware M11x laptop. Dell S2409W through DisplayPort and Philips 241E through HDMI.

Somehow, black looks completely different on the two monitors. The Dell's black looks kind of grayish, whereas the Philips' looks super dark.

I've been messing around with brightness and contrast settings for over an hour, restore factory settings, chose different color profiles and did a calibration on two screens. No real improvement so far.

What's wrong?

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  1. Some LCD monitors just do not have as much contrast as others. It could be that the Dell monitor cannot block light as efficiently as the Philips.
  2. Thanks for the info. I am aware of different contrast ratio's and its effect.

    Both screens have identical contrast specifications. The Dell was almost double as expensive.
    However, if I use the DVI-port of the Dell, the black is much better. Too bad that port is broken.
  3. Different monitors, different connection types, you'll have to get lucky to get them both to look the same. Keep playing with the settings :-)
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