Need Advice on Upgrade from P4 2.66 to 3.06

I have a P4 2.66 533 CPU running in a Gateway system. How much of a boost would my system get by upgrading the CPU to 3.06? I have already upgraded to 1 gig of RAM and a X800 GPU.
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  1. Might get a slight boost, but not worth the cost.
    Your rig is pretty balannced now, and you would be better off saving up money for anther 6 to 12 months and then upgrading.

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  2. The only reason for such an upgrade would be to get Hyperthreading.

    If you do a great deal of multitasking then it might be worthwhile, but it's almost certainly pointless in this case (as with that gfx card your main focus would seem to be gaming).

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  3. For not much more, you could get an A64 3000+ and a s939 mobo. That would make a difference. If you oc, you could easily outperform anything Intel has to offer.
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