Holiday upgrade?

Well im going to be getting computer parts for christmas this year and i was planning on gettting a 939 mobo with nforce 4 (if it is avilable) and a 3000+ and overclock it to around 3500+ speeds.Is this a good upgrade or could i get a better 775 p4?

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</A>P4b2.4@2.8||1024mb DDR@392mhz||9800pro@420/740||Viewsonic UltraBrite 19"||Panisonic DVD-RW
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  1. I just checked a link, and one vender is already selling nforce4 boards. But they're on backorder ( If you don't need pci-e or sli, you can get nforce3 boards for about $50 less.
  2. Not buying yourself a new toy?
  3. Shiite, got to get me one o those.
  4. Nothing says "Happy Holidaze!" like a good buzz. Of course, take that however you will, so to speak. :~} :eek:

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