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For a long time, I've had an Asus G72GX gaming laptop. Wonderfully powerful, runs all games on high settings and is pretty much amazing. I've recently caught my eye on multi-monitor setups, and decided to jump in. I'm not necessarily interested in multi monitors for gaming, but just for general desktop use. I've just bought two monitors, and it all hooked up without a hitch. My laptop has a VGA port and an HDMI port, so I've routed a DMI-VGA out of one port to one display, and an HDMI-HDMI out the other port to the other display. Both connections work, but the problem is that Windows 7 refuses to extend the desktop to all three displays. It will extend to a different display without a hitch, but automatically disconnects the third display. When you try to extend to the third display, it simply shuts off the second one, effectively keeping it in a dual monitor configuration.

I tried duplicating the desktop on two monitors and extending to the third one (which it actually allowed me to enter), but once I hit apply I simply get a message saying "unable to save display settings"

In the screen resolution window, all screens are seen, but it will only extend to two. What will I need to do to achieve triple monitor glory? Was I blind just to wildly jump in? Is triple monitors even possible with a laptop? Is there any software/hardware that can be bought to enable this?

I'm running windows 7 (x64)
Intel Core 2 Duo with 2.53 GHz of processing power on each
8 gigs of RAM
NViDIA GeForce GTX 260M
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  1. after doing tons of research, basically my graphics card only supports two screens at a time. External graphics cards were a possibility, but spending 700 dollars for an adapter is absolutely insane. Any other solutions?
  2. nope

    you're not gonna get 3 screens out of that card if it doesn't support 3 cards
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