Would an HDMI 1.4 cable fix lag issues on TV monitor

I've wanted to hook my computer up to my TV but there is slight lag in the audio sync. I have it connected through and HDMI cable. I was at the store today and noticed they sell HDMI 1.4 cables. Would using one of them instead of a normal HDMI cable fix the lag or not? Here are my specs if you need to know

TV- Sylvania 37 LC370SS9 720p
Computer HP Pavilion a6130n
Graphics Card- Saphire Radeon 6570

I already read that Sylvania has been known to have issues when using there TVs as monitors.
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  1. No, the lag is not caused by your cable.

    Any lag is likely due to the software you are using on your PC.
  2. Yeah but I noticed it happens on videos I play on VLC Media player that are saved to my computer and even on online sites like youtube. Would chaning the TV picture mode from dynamic help at all?
  3. No, the cable will make no difference at all.

    As yourself stated, Sylvania TVs have some issues so it can be both the TV itself, or the computer. Try plugging another monitor into your PC to see where the problem is.

    Also, don't forget that heavy/HD files will play laggy on some media players, and that Youtube lagging is not uncommon at all.
  4. Yeah man. HDMI cables are more than capable to transfer data quickly. Lag issues seem to be more the display itself than anything.

    It could also be your computer as others have said but that's a tough one to diagnose as it could be a slew of problems.

    Try to isolate the issue. Plug the TV into another computer and see if the same problem exists. Also plug a different display in the original computer and see if the problem persists there. Try to isolate the issue.

    Andy H.
  5. Well I doubt its the computer now. I hooked it up to our upstairs TV and same issues. I don't have any other computers to try though. But I normally have it hooked up to a regular monitor anyway and have never had any issues.
  6. So the issue is with plugging TVs into your computer. When you can, buy a real monitor!
  7. I do have a monitor but want to be able to hook it up to the tv too so I can watch vids and stuff at my TV which is bigger. I already have a 27" monitor which is pretty much the biggest you can go without going into the high hundread to thousand area for only a few inches difference. I figure if I was gonna go that high why not just invest in a TV which would be alot cheaper and could get something in the 40+ range.
  8. I have this problem with my new HP 4730s which has pretty good specs.When I play HD movie just on laptop it doesnt lag but when I connect it throught HDMI to my philips 52" full hd TV and play the same movie it lags a little bit.
  9. Try switching your HDTV to 60Hz mode instead of 120Hz. Is the lag still there?
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