Local disk D is not accessible

the local disk d is delete please help my
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  1. specs ?
  2. eraldi said:
    the local disk d is delete please help my

    If something important was located on that partition, you might be able to get the information back. I would recommend trying Recuva, found HERE , and see if it will help you at all.
  3. Ericka-77 said:
    Create a new one in "Disk management", if you like.
    Right click “My Computer” to select “Manage”=> Choose “Disk Management” => Right click the deleted local disk and hit “New Logical Drive” on the list => format it.

    Is there something important data on this local disk?
    If there is, you could firstly apply a partition recovery freeware to get back your data inside it and then create a new one to replace it. (This freeware always works well since it has helped my sister recover her inaccessible data back. You could visit it there: -http://blog4mark.blogspot.com/2012/12/recover-deleted-partition.html)

    Important note: You should carefully manage your partitions in case of similar problems.
    You should always remember to make a data backup in the future.

    If the OP creates a new partition over the top of the one that was accidentally deleted there will be no salvaging the information.
  4. You need to add some info here, what is this "disk D"? A second hard-drive, a partition, a removable drive. What exactly did you do to it? Format, delete all files, just happened on it's own? Is it making any odd grinding, clicking, whining noises?
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