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I just wanted to know what the mail difference between the Athlon XP processor and the Sempron processor. I'm going to replace my mother board and i'm planning to replace the CPU as well. Need advice as to what is good for a low budget upgrade.
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  1. You can read about the Sempron here;

    Basically the Sempron is the pretty much the same as some models of the Athlon XP with 256k L2 cache and running on a 333 MHz. FSB.

    The Athlon XP supports anywhere from 266 to 400 MHz. FSB and either 256k to 512k cache depending on which model you buy.

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  2. The Sempron is AMD's new Duron (entry level CPU), just like Intel's Celeron.

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  3. Thanks for the info fellas. It's much appreciated.
  4. Oh, and I forgot to add, the really interesting Sempron is the 3100 model which is a socket 754 version with on-board memory controller. Totally different design than the slower Semprons which are Athlon XP based. The 3100 is based on the Athlon 64, but without the 64 bit support enabled. Something to think about for the right price!

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