Is Dell Reliable?

i am thinking about buying DELL STUDIO 15 (T540613IN8). What can you tell me about this one?
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  2. Yes, in my opinion at least, Dell makes a pretty reliable laptop. I haven't heard anything bad about the XPS series in this regard either, so if it is reliability you're worrying about, I'd say go for it. What else do you need know?
  3. Hey Arunts,

    Dell is a strong contender when it comes to laptops. Above average quality and very strong pricing. Two points from me:

    1. One place you might look for very detailed laptop information is Its European, but most models are worldwide and they review in very high detail. They also provide some performance benchmarks, etc.

    2. This study was posted on Tom's last fall. While it is definitely not a perfect report, I think it does provide a general representation that might be helpful.,9102.html

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