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i can download email from my email server but i cannot reply, forward or create new email, for all i get a message that says 'a problem occured while openning this message, a problem has occured, please try again. or 'an error occured while trying to forward to replying to this message. there is no error reason provided or error number. it worked fine for a few years and then this error message starting to occur. i have checked the server addresses for incoming/outgoing and they appear to be correct,
any suggestons?
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  1. did you try to repair the e-mail program ?
  2. how do i do that? i ran the troubleshoot compatibility but i get an error message there as well-'an unexpected error occured while trouble shooting: an error has occured the trouble shooting wizard cannot continue.
  3. under the control panel in program and functionality see windows live mail click right and try the repair if that do not work uninstall and reinstall windows live.
  4. Is this Windows Mail in Windows 8?
    If so, this is a known issue depending on your e-mail configuration.
  5. windows 7
  6. Go into your windows live mail and open the "Accounts" tab and then click "Properties". In the window that pops up select the "Advanced" tab. In the box next to "Incoming Mail(SMTP)" enter 465 and make sure that the checkbox below that is checked. In the box next to "Outgoing Mail(POP3)" enter 995 and make sure that the checkbox below that is checked. Click "Apply" at the bottom of the window and then close the window.Now you should be able to accese your mail and send mail. If you still cannot send then use port 993 for outgoing.
  7. have tried the port changes-still getting the same errors.
  8. did you try the repair ?
  9. margo50 said:
    have tried the port changes-still getting the same errors.

    You may need to contact your e-mail provider and ask them what ports and configuration settings to use. BTW you do have POP3 access to you e-mail account right. Many free e-mail providers charge a yearly access fee in order to use POP3 to access your mail through an e-mail client such as Windows Live Mail.
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