Where can I purchase a copy of windows 7 home edition

I know I can order online but I would like to buy a copy from a store so I can have it right away. I went to Walmart, Target, and Best Buy and none of them had windows 7 or 8 home edition. The only thing I could find was a windows 8 upgrade thing. So where would I be able to purchase an OS in store? Preferably windows 7
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  1. Hard to say without knowing what Stores are around you but you should be able to find a small computer repair shop in your area that sells it - Or Both Best Buy and Walmart offer Ship to store so you could buy it online and have them ship it to the store to pick up in a few days.
  2. I was under the impression that M$ pulled all retail copies of Windows 7 on the launch date for Windows 8. I know where I work it was directed that way.

    Doesn't surprise me though if there are still some floating out there.
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