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Windows 7 search results - how can I sort by date by default?

Last response: in Windows 7
December 14, 2012 2:59:30 AM


Something about Windows 7 that is very frustrating is that when I want to do a global search of my entire hard drive, and I type something in the search box that appears above Start logo when you click on it, it shows the results in a new window sorted by, according to Microsoft, relevance.

Since I have a lot of data on my hard drive, these searches take a long time, around 2 minutes. I always need these search results to be sorted by date, so I then have to click on the "date received" column header to re-sort by date, which takes another 2 minutes or so.

I really need these search results to sort by date, every time, by default, which will cut my searching time in half. There does not appear to be a setting for changing the default search results order for these types of searches (searches using the global search box above the Start logo). I have searched for a registry hack and I can't find anything. Can anyone please help me? I would really appreciate a fix for this!

December 14, 2012 9:04:02 AM

Try Microsoft Answers forums as well... we're all mostly hardware types around here nosher1.
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