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What do you think is the best RAM to make my laptop Toshiba Satellite L640 faster. Right now my laptop has a 1G RAM and runs so slow even in an i3 processor. Tried to reformat it but it still runs so slow.

Thank you!
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  1. Hynix (Hyundai Semiconductor) is what they usually use I believe.
    - Hynix and Kingston are both good brands for laptop RAM.
  2. My recomend is "Transcend".Reason other manufacturers give only 1 year warenty but transcend give lifetime warenty so realise its quality is better than other.Then no tension about that ram.And another thing is the dealer and distributer and small shop sell same thing at higher price that is not work in transcend.Reason anybody can directly purchase transcend prodects from so low cost than others.
  3. How about the other brands like Corsair and Samsung? Do they perform well?
  4. I use G.Skill in mine.

    They're usually a little pricier, but with as many ram kits as I've bought (both desktop and laptop) they're the only ones that have not once given me any issue.

    Corsair are pretty high quality too, although I've had to return one of their kits as it had a bad module.
  5. If u buy a ram after 1year 2months it failed so no way to reclaim in other company products in ram section. but lifetime warenty in transcend so realise its quality.
  6. Also Give high performance and speed.
  7. Okay, thanks for the info guyz. :D
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