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    Out of the two (the second link doesn't work), I'd shoot for the Gateway. They both have the same processor and the Samsung does have a better GPU, but I do not think it justifies an extra $100, especially for your use.
  2. Thanks I fixed the link to the second one I should also mention that having a good looking display is a factor as well since most of the content I will be watching well be hd I do plan on getting a hdtv down the road to stream hd video to it.
    also im not to sure which is the better brand Gateway,sony, or samsung Ive heard the I might have more problems with a gateway then a sony and since samsung is new on the market haven't heard much about them
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  4. well if I were you I would go for mac, but they are more expensive. Just like the software for music production would cost more than $800, and if you are a band and are doing concerts with that laptop it is not a good idea to pirate it, I would say about a two thousand dollar budget sounds better, you can get like a macbook, and good professional software.
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