Is mc afee total proection 2013 good?

Hi. One of my friends is giving me a disk to install mc afee totoal prtection 2013 because he says u can install it up on three computers. he says its good because its paid and better than free it good. if not, what free virus protections are good
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  1. Mc Caffee (from what I remember reading in the past, blows. Don't know about now but I would never try to find out. The one I am finding that works best (you don't even notice it and never catch anything ( so far) is Microsoft Security Essentials. AVG used to be good but they are slowly failing. I used AVAST before but caught viruses which even disabled that one.
  2. Well, McAfee isn't bad, but it isn't good. It's an average antivirus program from my experience. I will say that I've never gotten viruses while using it on different computers over the years using mcafee total protection. However, you should know that it is a very BIG program and takes up huge resources. So if you're comp isn't that fast, you might want to disable any sort of auto-scanning feature and do it manually overnight. Also, when it auto updates it takes up a lot of system resources as well.

    AVG and Avast are better at not using so much system resources. Plus, avast is free (no viruses while using it so far) and AVG is pretty cheap.

    Don't ever use Norton Antivirus. When Symantec bought Norton, they completely ruined it.

    I don't have experience with Kaspersky, but I've heard good things about it. I think you have to pay for it though. Same goes for ESET NOD32 antivirus.

    You can get Microsoft Security Essentials, but it does let a lot more things through than other free antivirus programs.

    In short, it is great if you're getting the full version for free. If you just want one that's free, get Avast.
  3. Also consider getting Malwarebytes anti malware. I is the most thorough virus scanning program i had ever use and have never gotten a virus that cannot be cleaned by this program with exception to a select few viruses back in 2005 on win xp and it is also free but you can support them by paying for it to get more feature. I use the free version and the only thing that kinda sucks is there isnt automatic updates for free version. But just set the reminder to everyday and all you have to do is click once and it updates in about 30 seconds for me. I have always used avast and malwarebytes together and have never gotten a virus since 2005.
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