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Eyefinity Monitor/TV Advice

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
October 18, 2011 10:05:55 PM

Hello all!
First time poster, long time reader/lurker, looking for some advise on my an upcoming purchase.

I have been looking to build a computer and have been dead set on setting up Eyefinity for 3"monitor" gaming. However do to an unfortunate circumstance of events I go stuck purchasing my computer at BestBuy :-/ so I ended up getting the Dell XPS x8300(i7-2600, Radeon Brand 6770, 8gb Ram, 1.5TB)

I am looking to sell the 6770 and purchase a Sapphire FleX 6870 or 6990 so that I can setup Eyefinity out of the box with no pricey adapters, however I need to purchase Monitors or TVs to set this up, I would like to have all 3 the same but I guess that is not TOTALLY necessary.

I am looking to spend approx $800-1000 on 3 monitors/tv...

What I am asking is...

1. Any reason to get TVs vs Monitors? If so please explain.
2. What are some decent sizes? (I dont wanna fry my eyes more than I plan on it by sitting to close to a 55inch)
3. Any specific Models or Features I should look for or stay away from.

I thank you all in advance for any and all assistance or advise.

a c 105 C Monitor
October 20, 2011 4:22:35 PM

one thing you should definitely be looking into is panel type. tn panels are the cheapest to find but often have horrible viewing angles. the plus side is they are the only models which support 3d/120hz. forming the middle of the road are va and e-ips panels. e-ips panels have a very broad viewing angle (ips in general are 178/179 viewing angle). s-ips, p-ips and h-ips form the top tier.

at your budget range i'd most likely suggest e-ips. you will get a decent screen as far as color is concerned with a very wide viewing angle for multiple arrangement options.

ccfl or led backlighting. your choice, zero impact besides cheap led monitors having a blue-tint to them. in your budget range this might be common but i've heard you can color-adjust it out.

as far as sizes go it all depends on what the models you like price out at and what arrangement you want. for three panel setups the most common setups are:

-3x equasized monitors, turned 90 degrees so that the height is 1920 and width is 1080. this will give a display that isnt as ultra ultra widescreen.
-3x equasized monitors, not turned so that the height is 1080 and the width is 1920. this will give you and ultra ultra widescreen view.

with eyefinity you can easily get away with 18-19 inch monitors. some may prefer 20-21 but keep in mind how large the total area will be.

try to go with thin bezel designs. the bigger the bezel the more it takes away from the experience.

buy all monitors at the same time so the models do not get discontinued on you.

vesa mount monitors are best if you want to eventually get a mounting arm.

personally i prefer viewsonic..but dell, asus, acer, and a few others have been recommended from time to time by others.

at the sizes you will be working with, monitors will be superior over televisions.
October 20, 2011 10:36:58 PM

thank you for the advice! I am keeping my eye out on the deal site, but I will probably end up waiting for black friday.