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Guys i am having a strange kind of problem and need help :(

i have 3 laptops one of them is a Sony Vaio the other one is an LG ( i know they suck but pretty old one ) and a Compaq. Already 3 years have passed for the laptops and am having serious problems with the keyboard

Whenever a key is pressed it either doesn't work or the output is funny for example i press space bar and i get the output as 'EFG' written also my 'W' key ain't working on Vaio but whenever i turn on the laptop at the log in screen there is continuos 'wwwwwwww...' characters coming without any input from my keyboard same thing happens with the '0' key for the Compaq. I had used the laptops for light gaming purposes but i dont know if it is responsible for it :??:
I've heard several people complaining about similar problems but no solution has come up yet.

So if anyone know what's causing these problems? any help would be appreciated :)
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  1. Check with an external keyboard connected -- if the problem goes away it's almost certainly a hardware fault with the laptop(s)-- either the matrix failing, the ribbon cable and in the case of the mystery wwwww -- stuck key.

    Do you pound on the keyboard ? Just occasionally ?
  2. all keys work with the external keyboard besides the occasional "wwwww..." problem and by the way i never pounded the keyboard :D

    so any solutions? has anyone experienced similar problem or is it just me :(
  3. i hae same problem with my fujitsu seimens life book.....i m searching for solution i posted the issue on same site.........
  4. Ron44 -- just looking at your avatar -- that keyboard looks pounded to me (ho,ho)
  5. As for the WWWW Vaio, try taking off all the keys of your computer and give it a good hoover and a wipe down, don't use any liquid products or water, maybe just a slightly damp cloth, and take a picture of the keyboard before you do so so you remember their positions!

    As for the others, laptops aren't the easiest things to maintain compared to a full sized PC due to portability, if it's a hardware problem, even if you repair another problem is bound to arise due to them getting quite old, so a small external keyboard is your best option unless you feel the urge to give cleaning their keyboards a try too ;)
  6. Be very wary of taking off laptop keys -- they can be extremely difficult to put back.

    If you must -- take a picture of the keyboard first so you know where to put them.
  7. Quote:
    Be very wary of taking off laptop keys -- they can be extremely difficult to put back.

    If you must -- take a picture of the keyboard first so you know where to put them.

    Yes, be sure not to damage the rubber under the keys, with sufficient force the keys should just clip out, and clip back in.
  8. Some designs have this weird sort of pantograph mechanism -- bit like assembling a deckchair when you can't see the legs.
  9. Alright, i might just do that but what about the other laptops? am talking about 3 different laptop keyboards :o

    Won't there be any difference in their layout? and what if that doesn't work?

    fihart --- Dude that was my gaming keyboard :D
  10. Dude, what games do you play? Whack the keyboard! :pt1cable:

    Anyways most laptops get such hardware problems after 3 or 4 years so even if you get it repaired you'll still encounter further problems. My Dell Laptop has crossed its 5 year mark and yesterday i lost its display so no point in repairing. You're better off with Desktop PC's instead or if you're willing getting 3 external keyboards might work ;)

    And about the 'wwwww...' problem that's really strange i have never heard about such a problem so far :o
    Better try to pluck out the 'W' key and check for problems with it.
  11. Guyzz i have removed and put the keyz back in but am still getting problems :( any other suggetions...
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