Dell Studio 17 - build your own - no Blu Ray option


I'm looking at either Dell, HP or Acer for a new high spec laptop. The Dell Studio 17 range has the option to configure the laptop to your requirements and I can meet most of mine (i7 Core, 4GB, 1080 HD screen). But for some reason there is no option to add a Blu Ray DVD player.

Does anyone happen to know whether Dell offer Blue Rays as part of this range?

Do I need to call them to see if they offer this?

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  1. Update.

    I spoke to Dell using the Chat service on thier website and I can add a Blu Ray to the order just not online.

    Guess thats case solved (well apart from choosing which lappie to go for).

    And with hindsight I was being lazy and should have just asked Dell directly so no worries about the lack of response. My bad.
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