Mobile Athlon 64 or Centrino for Notebook Games

Hello, I am buying a notebook for Personal use and for playing games. I would like something powerful enough to play current games, but something that won't eat up the battery. Is there such a thing? I was told, Centrino at Comp USA and Mobile Athlon 64 at Bestbuy.
Please help
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  1. Well, for battery life, I don't think anything beats the P4M in the Centrino systems, but for performance the A64 is faster, but it uses a bit more battery (not excessively - but to get the same battery life you'll need more battery weight). More important than either of them is the mobile graphics solution.

    Gah, the model names/numbers escape me... :frown: both nVidia and ATI have released new mobile graphics solutions that will allow you to play newer games at reasonable rates. Not many mainstream laptops/notebooks have them as yet, but some do.

    If I find them, I'll post back. Hopefully someone else will know their names before I get to it though.

  2. Ok, Cool Thanks, It sounds like going with a Mobile Athlon 64 might be the answer. I'm willing to sacrifice a little battery time for performance. I'll just buy an extra battery.
    Do you have any Idea how long a battery would last between the two, while playing a game or watching a DVD. Would it last through a whole Movie?
    Thanks Again
  3. There are so many variables that go into battery life there is physically no way to say how long a battery will last. How efficient is the laptop's mobo? How aggressively does it throttle down the CPU? What's the capacity of the battery? What kind of graphics solution is it and how does it power down for non-intensive use? Are you connected via wifi? (that uses power) Is the wifi adapter powered up/down? How high is your LCDs backlight set? The list goes on and on.

    I would expect in most cases long enough for a movie, although some may not make the extra long extended editions. Playing a game depends on the game and the graphics adapter in the laptop and the battery size and the efficiency, and... (you get the picture?). However, if the mfg. advertises 3 hrs battery life, don't expect more than half that, and maybe less, when playing an intensive game (i.e., D3, HL2, etc.).

  4. You should get a mobile laptop with a GOOD GPU first! It's more important to have a great mobile GPU! Then, you choose the laptop with the best overall value regarlass of Intel/AMD CPU in it.

    It would be worthless to get a Mobile Athlon 64 3000+, if you only a GeForce GO MX in the laptop!

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  5. I would wait till the 6800Go GPU is available in laptops. I am going to college next year, and am leaning for a Athlon64/6800 Go mobile solution. Should offer good gaming performance, and hopefully the A64 will trottle back conserving battery life when I am only in Word.
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