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I have an issue with my USB keyboard and mouse combo (and the issue seems to apply to any USB mouse or keyboard). They have stopped working on my PC (windows 7 self built PC). They don't even function to enter the BIOS.

I recently upgraded my PC with a new motherboard (Gigabyte), CPU and RAM. After the install everything was working fine. I was using a USB connected controller that controlled both a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard. This combo set worked fine for a few days after the installation. Suddenly (for no reason I can figure out) the USB mouse and keyboard stopped working.

I have an old keyboard that connects via PS2 connector and it works fine. I have a mouse that has a USB connector and it doesn't work. Other USB devices pull power from these same USB ports with no issue. I'm able to charge my Kindle, my Andriod cell, my Sansa MP3 player and it will recougnize USB thumb drives with no issues at all. When I plug in the USB mouse I notice that the light on the mouse will come on at first but dies and windows gives me a message saying that it failed to recougnize the device and then that it failed to load drivers.

I've been told to check the Legacy USB support setting in the bios and I have. I've enabled and disabled the setting a number of times with no difference.

I was also told to go in to device manager to delete the current drivers and that Windows 7 will automatically reinstall the drivers thus fixing my problem...I made the mistake of listening and it didn't work. :P

I was able to get a PS2 mouse that I can use. I can get the PC to recougnize a PS2 mouse or keyboard (the motherboard only has 1 PS2 connector). I'm desperate for some advice on what else to try. Please help. :)
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  1. No difference using front/rear panel USB? If you only have rear panel consider using a spare USB riser on the mobo and obtaining a USB expansion rear outlet.
  2. I'm having the same issue on the USB ports on the front of the case (connected to the motherboard) and the USB ports on the back of the PC straight off the motherboard. All show the same characteristics.
  3. Starting to look like an obscure mobo problem. But try a completely different keyboard mouse if possible before considering RMA
  4. Well it does the same thing on both my USB mouse (cabled) and my USB controller for wireless keyboard and mouse set so I doubt both items stopped working at the same time. :S
  5. Guess you'll be speaking to your Mobo vendor then!
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