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Ok so I have a dell vostro 3400 laptop with 4 usb2 ports, 1 usb/sata port and 1 firewire port. I run my audio interface ionix u22 through my usb as well as my track ball mouse and keyboard. I have a back up HD connected to my usb/sata port. My goal is to have the most possible usb resources for my audio interface. I have a second external HD that is sata 2 and the enloser is usb out. I also have a usb1 4 port usb hub.

So my questions are?

1. how do I know what usb ports run off what usb controllers on my mobo? I assume that having just my audio device on a dedicated controller will give it the full usb bandwidth.

2.will using my usb 1 hub for my mouse and keyboard actually reduce there bandwidth consumption? hence if they do share bandwidth on the same controller there speed is slower making them less consuming?

3. Is my sata/usb port on its own controller or what does it share banwidth with?

4. Is there a hub that I can plug all my usb perirerals ( not audio device as it will get the full usb bandwidth) into that will run into my firewire port ?

5. What has better data transfers speeds my IDE HD that is in my encloser with a sata out cable or my sata 2 HD that is connected from its encloser with a usb cable?

Thanks seems like a lot of info but you guys are super smart here..
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    First general info:

    USB2 ports do not automatically provide a 480Mbps connection; the device and the port negotiate a speed of 480Mbps, 12Mbps, or 1.5Mbps.

    Depending on your MB, you might have multiple controllers each connected to a single port, or each controller might be connected to two or more ports.

    1. You must consult the MB specs. You can also go into the Device Manager and select view by device connection.

    2. Probably not. Most mice and keyboards only operate at 1.5Mbps.

    3. Probably, but look in the Device Manager.

    4. No.

    5. It depends. eSATA is 400Mbps, but the protocol might be more efficient. It also depends on whether your hard drives can saturate the interface.
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