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How to turn off hp printer replace ink cartridge?

I've got an HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A printer and I need to use re-manufactured cartridges for budgetary reasons. When I do, the printer will give me a message that the cartridge is not a HP cartridge and they don't warrant any problems if you use a re-manufactured cartridge. Well, that's OK, but when I have the printer go ahead and print, It won't until I open the ink door and close it again. Then it goes ahead and prints...Is there a secret place to tell the printer I'm OK with the cartridge and print normally so I don't have to open and close the ink door to get it to print? Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

Patrick B.
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  1. You will have to reset the chip, which is usually done by the guy who remanufactures the cartridge.
  2. OK, so before I purchase the re-manufactured cartridge, I need to ask if the imbedded chip tells the printer that it's a HP Cartridge? Can you recommend a vendor who can do this or that does this automatically? If not, I'll just have to check around and see if anyone does that as a matter of business operations....Sure would be nice if I didn't have to go and open and close the ink door...My printer is on the other side of the room as I run it wireless. Thanks for your answer...I appreciate it...

    Patrick B.
  3. It's always good to ask the vendor if the cartridge chip was reset, so that you also gain the benefit of resetting the ink level.

    I'm sorry for I cannot recommend any vendor, I live in Brazil.

    And if I helped, please select my answer as the best one! Thanks
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  6. Nikorr, thanks for the link...talked with the folks on that site and they assure me that when they refill HP cartridges, the chip is reset to full. So, I'll check them out...
    I appreciate you getting back to me...

    Patrick B.
  7. Any time. Good luck : )
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