Alien FX lights are not working on Alienware M15x

I have just bought an alienware m15x and formatted it. As soon as I installed windows again after the format and so on all the lights on my m15x went off and i cant turn them on in any way. Also each time that I turn on my pc the same error pops up something which has to do with the .net framework. I have added an image in order to show you. Moreover sometimes this error is followed by another error which seems to originate from the CC.

Thanks a lot in advance for your co operation :)
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  1. Have you downloaded the software for the lights from Dell/Alienware's support site?
  2. That's the exact problem I'm having as well and can't figure out how to fix it. I already Uninstalling and reinstalled Command Center but didn't work.
  3. i installed Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 and it got rid of the problem, the problem is a result of the Framework not starting up
    if that does work try this Microsoft link
  4. The original Command Center software corrupts the C2 chip that controls the lights sometimes.. it has to be flashed. You can google it and find this :

    LDSISHERE finsihed the solution for us.. my shop is offering to do this for customers if they are non-techie/do not want to invest in a programmer for the chips.

    Your issue may not be the same.. but if the software reinstalls do not help etc.. then it may be time to turn to the reflashing option. I'm located in MA.. LDS is also offering to fix these since he built a programmer.. you have to ship it to him. We are located in Bridgewater MA. [Central Square Computer Repair]

    See the thread for details as they are quite involved.
  5. Obviously exhaust all software fixes first.. but look into what I said.
  6. This may be a little late but:

    A repair service to fix the issue. This is caused from installing the wrong command center. Dell charged $800 to replace the motherboard! They will fix it including return shipping for 150.00
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