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Hello,I have Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop, after 6 months its battery lose the power and now its time remaining only 10 minutes.The battery cell are made of japan, and are healthy, but its power is reducing day by day. Have any body have solution for this problem?
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  1. Your battery is at the end of its life. Batteries only last through so many charges and discharges. It is natural for a batteries maximum capacity to drop over time. whether it is from heat or just use. There is really no solution to it short of buying a new battery
  2. That's an older laptop, did you get a replacement battery? Most of the replacement batteries are not the best quality and many of them fail within the 6 months you mention. However, they also come with a warranty, so check if that is good and replace the battery. You should have more than 10 minutes off a full charge.

    If the battery is out of warranty, then you'd need to get a new one.
  3. Before you buy a new battery, try reviving the old one.
    1.Take the battery out of the casing and wrap it in newspapers (thick enough so no moisture will be in contact with the batteries).
    2.Leave it in fridge for approximately a week.
    3.Let it heat up to room temperature
    4.Wipe off any traces of moisture.
    5.Put the battery back in its casing.
    6.Place in the laptop and charge. (Do not switch the laptop on!) Make sure it is 100% powered up.

    if you follow this can not revive your battery,you should buy a new one.
    suggest you buy replacement laptop battery,cheap and have one year warranty
    such as
  4. Contact Toshiba to obtain a replacement if the battery is still under warranty (battery warranties are typically either 6 months, or 1 year). If the battery is out of warranty, you will have to buy a replacement. Any revival methods posted will not yield much extra life from the battery. Once the Lithium-Ion cells begin losing their ability to hold a charge, there really isn't anything you can do to restore it.
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