Price Drop after Xmas?

I've finally decided what I'm going to buy - an A64 3000+ 939, MSI Neo2 Platinum.

What I'm wondering is if I should go ahead and buy it now, or wait until after Xmas. Do retailers normally drop prices after Xmas, or the New Year, or do prices stay the same?

If it makes a difference, I will most likely be purchasing from newegg, mwave, zipzoomfly, or monarch. By the way, are there any other reputable e-tailers that are good to use?

I appreciate any advice.
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  1. Prices are do for another drop. When don't have dates.
  2. definately wait till after Xmas. If you can, in mid febuary during tax time when EVERYONE will be trying to get you to spend your tax refund (whether you get one or not) in their store.

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