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Problem with shadowmapping on videos/pictures/games

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December 14, 2012 8:50:31 AM

Good morning
I have a problem with shadowdepthmapping in games, videos and pictures

the shadows are not drawn properly, i would show a picture but apparently it looks the way it should look for everybody else, also decreasing the "refresh rate"(i hope thats the right word) to 60 seems to resolve this

Lighted area looks shiny, in a way metalic
Supposed to be shadowed are either greenish but usually purple
It can be noticed very often on pictues and videos in which people are shown,
if zooming into one of those supposed to be shadowed areas you can see the small "colour boxes" flicker, just between the "border" of one shadow depth to another

Iam sorry if this explanation is a little bit weird, i might want to try add a picture made by handy, maybe that would fix it?
in a way it looks like the colour bit seems bugged and in a way like a 256colour bit thing, iam really not sure how to call or explain it properly.

I tried a few google terms such as "shadow mapping problem videos/picture" or "win7 picture/video pixel shadow mapping problem" and others but havnt been succesfully with my search.

Does anybody know what this is? and if yes how can i fix it?

->Edit: Made a photo with my handy but it looks the way it should look, i rlly dont get what is wrong .___.
Handy made Photo:

Best Regards

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December 15, 2012 4:38:58 AM

If you have another computer try hooking it up to your current monitor and see if it the problem shows up with the different computer and if it does then u most likely have a bad monitor or something broke internally.