When I plug my Acer into AC, the light blinks red. Does it turn to green when it's fully charged?
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  1. It should hold a solid color when it is fully charged (not blink). Does it end up doing that or does it continue to blink even when fully charged?
  2. That's what I need to know. How do I tell when the battery is fully charged? When the light stops blinking? Is there another way to tell? I have no way of telling that I KNOW of.
  3. The light stays red now, but when I unplug it, the screen goes blank, so apparently I need a new battery?
  4. Try reseating the battery, sometimes that helps. If that does not work, either the battery or the connectors on the laptop are bad.
  5. Thank you, I took the battery off and put it back on and now it's charging. Up to 96% now.
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