nocona heatsink installation problem (DCA)

I recently bought the TYAN THUNDER i7525 (s2676) - it´s a dual xeon NOCONA mobo - the HEATSINKS of the XEONs are huge and heavy and therefore DCA Direct Chassis Attach has to be used - but the screws of the INTEL HEATSINKS won´t fit with the copper pillars provided with the Chassis (LIAN-LI SERVER/Workstation Alu-Chassis VC2000).

Has anyone of you an idea how to solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot in advance.
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  1. Let me speak as a fabricator rather than a system builder for a moment: Are the copper pillars in the correct location?

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  2. let me speak as a terminator...weld them! :-))

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  3. You forgot the arc in front of weld (arc-weld), if he uses oxy-acetaline, he may scorch the mobo.
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