williams power driver board help !!!!

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Ok guys I have issues with my power driver board. The board is a
williams a-12697-3. It came out of my demolition man. The board had
these issues when I bought it several months ago.
All of the high power solenoids are weak (coils 1-8).I have put in
another board and everything is fine,so I know it is in the board. I
have 69 volts at tp6 which is correct.I even have 69 volts all the way
to f105 (fuse). I haven't rang all the way to the connectors.
What I have done so far.I replaced the bridge at br3,cap at
c8,logic chip at u5,changed all the fuses,and reflowed the solder at
connectors j102,j104,j105,j107,j106,& j108,Even though I know all are
not used. But I had a hot iron in my hand-so why not.
Also I resoldered all the fuse holders. All of the transistors in
the high power section test good. What am I missing here? It appears
I'm getting power but something isn't telling it to send all the power
to the solenoids. In the test all of them will actuate but are very
weak. The divertor will never open.Which is a major part of game
play.All of the low power solinoids work correct.
Ok guys give me some idea's. By the way the logic chip has been
changed twice (socketed).Any questions,let me know. Thanks in
advance.We'll let you know how it turns out.
Memphispin (ron)
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    Got it fixed, it was the positive trace coming off of the br3
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