Which laptop is faster for wow?

I purchased the Sony Vaio F series, but it didn't come with the specifications I ordered and the customer service is terrible at Sony so I'm gonna return it. I'm looking at the 15" macbook pro. I need either for work but I'd like to play wow on it.

The Vaio has:
8gb Ram
Nvidia GT 330M with 1gb of graphics, or at least it said. Running dxdiag and other analysis software it only shows 472 mb of vram :(
Intel Core i7 740 QM 1.73 GhZ

The 15" macbook pro, which I'm actually looking at two versions, has:
option 1:
Intel core i5 2.4 GhZ
4gb ram
Nvidia GT 330M 256mb vram

option 2:
Intel core i7 with 2.66 GhZ
4gb ram
Nvidia GT 330M with 512mb vram

Would MPB option 1 still have better fps in wow? Or is the Vaio superior to option 1, but inferior to option 2?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the fps will be like this.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. If you are looking to play World of Warcraft, have you concidered a better GPU all together? the GPU is more important than the CPU and your choice of CPU's are way overqualified for the game.
  2. its the only options I have really, is there something with the similar price range with the better gpu?
  3. What's your budget and country?
  4. Here's what a look at what kind of GPU you would be getting with the 330m:


    It's a decent GPU for wow, at least in my opinion, but I wouldn't expect to be able to crank the settings up too high.
  5. Indeed but for the price of Macbooks the quality of their GPUs isnt comparable to Windows Laptops.

    I've always found it controversial how there are laptops with such poor GPUs selling at the same prices at laptops with very good GPUs, in the big name PC shops here in Britain they seriously now, dont have a single good GPU Laptop under £1000. But they extortionate the majority of the public who don't know what they're buying under the hood, they just like the sound of the adverts and the look of the system.
  6. I agree viper. A vast majority of consumers haven't the slightest clue about what they are getting into when they buy a laptop. Usually they'll find one with the screen size they are looking for, really go nuts when they see 3GHz or something like that, whip out the credit card, and pay for something that will surely not meet their needs. Yet, as we all know, speed isn't everything, much less when it comes to gaming.
  7. I live in the US and I have about $2000 to spend. I'm looking for nothing huge, not a desktop replacement, and not a gaming rig. Just a powerful laptop, 15-16" screen, nothing too big or bulky, but powerful for its size. And I cant get the alienware, I don't need a "gaming machine" just something that can handle wow high-max settings, but also has a general use for microsoft office and video editing, ect.

    And I know the 330m is a medium ranged card. I could go for something a lot better, but I'm not looking for something like the mobility 5870. Just something powerful, for college and work general use, and for wow when I have time to play.
  8. Also, I need a laptop from a company with reputable and great customer service. Even under warranty, it's been taking me 3 days to even find the right person at sony to speak to about my problem, they always keep transferring me to one another because they don't even know how to handle the issue. Finally after getting in touch with a supervisor a day later, who I have to get in touch with despite being "on a queue for a supervisor to call us within the next several hours," he hangs up on me. Getting a call tag to return it has been such a hassle as they don't even want to take responsibility for their own mistake. As a matter of fact, I don't even think they understand what their mistake was at all.

    I don't want to deal with a customer service like that should I have an issue again.
  9. bump vipers are you still there to answer my question?
  10. anyone for that matter?
  11. Long day in work back here in Britain :). Some other members of the forum may be of more further use than me to help you find a machine on the US Market.

    I'll give what i have in mind, bare in mind all of these will run WoW at a very decent rate, i'll label each laptop with what i think it will handle WoW at.

    Bare in mind, the more powerful the laptop, the heavier it will be and the worst off the battery life is / more prone to heating up.

    Timelinex - i3, 5650, 4gb Ram (Medium settings)

    MSI GX640 - i5, 5850, 4gb Ram (High - Ultra settings)

    Asus G73JH-X1 - i7 Quad, 5870, 6gb Ram (Ultra)

    I think i've placed either end of the gaming scale up there. One end is portability, lightweight, battery longitivity, the other is raw power.
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