Do I need "reset fuse" to refill Samsung ML-2010 printer?

The toner of my Samsung ML-2010 is running out soon. Thus, I plan to refill it myself. I'm wondering if we need a 'reset fuse' to refill it or not. Pls kindly advise.

By the way, where can I buy the refill kit in UK?

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  1. I went to staples the other day to buy a refill for my ml-2010, it was actually cheaper to buy a new printer, sold the otherone on ebay - refill for £20 :)
  2. Do you mean 'refill powder'? Or, remanufactured catridge? I'm not aware that we can buy 'refill' powder from Staples.
  3. i meant the total net cost of buying a new printer was £20, whcih is a damn sight cheaper than buying either a new cartridge or refill.
  4. You went to Staples??? For my Epson they want £25 for black and colour combined. At Aria I pay ~£5 for the two. Staples is for people buying stuff on expenses for work.
  5. are doing 3 for 2 on refills. This works out at under £15 for 3 110gm bottles.
  6. do not know if a reset fuse is needed. Please help before I order the powder. :ange:
  7. No fuse needed for Samsing ML 2010. I just checked with :bounce:
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